Working jQuery UI Theme Switcher Widget without hotlinking

Since the jQuery disabled hotlinking, the default implementation of the Theme Switcher Widget doesn't work anymore. To get it running on your web space, you need to download the js and images and change all the links. That seemed to cumbersome for lazy dev, so I asked google for another solution. Surprisingly, I did not found much, but there was one blog entry which picked up the idea. Although it hat some errors and was still hotlinking the css files, I could reuse it with some changes.

The attached zip file contains the js file and all necessary images. You can set the baseUrl, path to the images and the CDN which should be used in the settings, e.g.

cssPrefix : "", 
imgPrefix : baseUrl + "Images/Themeroller/theme_90_", 
imageLocation : baseUrl + "Images/Themeroller/",
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